Scott Baio’s heavy metal covers band to play Donald Trump inauguration ceremony

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Happy Days actor and long time Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio is set to perform at Mr Trump’s inauguration ceremony with his heavy metal covers band.

The band will play three songs; Paradise City, War Pigs, and, with grim inevitability, ‘something by Motley Crue’.

“Scott’s taking this super-seriously,” said close friend, Nazi memorabilia enthusiast and drummer in the band, Simon Williams.

“He’s out in his garage every night practising the Paradise City solo so that he really can shred, and I think he is going to kill it on the day.”

It is understood that the Trump team had previously been turned down by Nickelback, Hanson, Milli Vanilli, and at least fifty other acts before turning to Mr Baio’s band.

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“Yes, and some people might see that as a little insulting, but the way I look at it, after they’d asked Nickelback, Hanson, Milli Vanilli, and the other fifty acts, who was the first band they turned to? Us. Which really says something, I think.”

The ceremony will take place on January 20th, and as well as Scott Baio’s heavy metal covers band, will feature the comedy stylings of former Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and a World Exclusive first public viewing of Hulk hogan’s sex tape.