Dog bloody loves stick

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A West London dog really, really bloody loves a stick, it has emerged.

The dog, a black labrador called Kevin from Windsor, found the stick at Virginia Water earlier today and currently believes it to be the most brilliant thing in the world.

“It’s fair to say that Kevin is thrilled to bits with his new stick,” said owner Simon Williams.

“He found the stick just off the main path under a big pile of leaves. I don’t think he could believe it at first, that this amazing stick was just lying there for anyone to pick up, and he just ran around barking.

“I’m pretty sure he thought someone must have lost it, because why would anyone discard such an incredible stick under some leaves like that.

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“After a while he tentatively sniffed at it, then picked it up and now he takes it everywhere with him.”

“Woof,” said Kevin before quickly adding “ruff.”

Mr Williams is reluctant to speculate on what it is that makes the stick so brilliant.

He went on, “I don’t know, maybe it’s pleasingly knobbly or it smells of biscuits or something.

“All I know is he must bloody love it because he passed up the opportunity to sniff three of four other dogs’ arses to keep hold of it, and that must mean something because he really loves sniffing other dogs’ arses.”

It is understood that Kevin intends to keep the stick forever and ever or until a slightly more brilliant stick comes along.