Trump denies conflict of interest after incorporation of Trump Walls Inc

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Ethically robust billionaire US President Donald Trump is under investigation after senior Democrats were informed of the creation of a new company Trump Walls Inc.

The vague business description described the company’s activities as follows:

“Trump Walls, we make the best walls, seriously. Great walls. Some people say there are no walls to touch our walls”.

Other services listed are fence building but only where a U-turn has been made on initial wall building decisions.

Investigations into early policy decisions looked to include zero business tax on all Trump Wall inc related businesses.

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However, the President clarified, “I understand complex tax laws better than anyone, and this is real complex, just leave it to the Donald, no-one else understands this, its complex, real complex.”

When asked where he would source large amounts of cheap manual labour so close to the Mexican border he said.

“These are jobs for American people, unless we can find some cheap Mexican rapists to do it, which would probably boost my profit margins, then I might do that.”

Reporters questioned Mr Trump and asked if he was mixing up Business and Politics.

“Sure I’m mixing it up, that’s what the Trump does best.”

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