Vast majority of pissheads still not sure how to pronounce Leffe

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The vast majority of British pissheads still have no idea how to pronounce the name of new-fangled foreign beer Leffe, it has emerged.

Leffe drinker, Simon Williams, has tried a number of variations to-date, all of which have made him look and sound like a twat.

“I’ve tried calling it Leffer to rhyme with leper, Leffee to rhyme with settee and Leffay, which I prefer, because it makes me sound like I know a bit of French,” he told us.

“All I know is it gets you pissed, and quickly.”

Belgian bartender and Liége resident, Giscard Ginola said, “The problem arises due to the fact that Belgium consists of two mutually exclusive regions that hate each other’s guts.

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“The Flemish-speaking region, of which I am a part, prefer to pronounce it Leffur.

“Just don’t come any of your Leff shit in ‘ere.”

He added, “Why not do what every other British person does and just fucking point at it?”

Williams replied, “You know what – I think I’ll stick to Hoogarden.”

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