Lego to launch special Donald Trump range

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Lego has announced that they are introducing a new range of Donald Trump lego sets in time for Christmas.

The range will be centred around a Donald Trump mini-figure with an ill-fitting suit and a permanently angry face.

“The most impressive thing is the hair,” said Lego enthusiast and grown man Simon Williams.

“I mean, no one knows how he gets his hair to do that in real life, so quite how they managed to convincingly carry off Trump hair in plastic on a mini-figure is incredible.”

The range will consist of a variety of sets including the Trump Twitter-War, an entry level set of just the mini-figure being angry with a phone.

The most expensive set will be a limited edition First Presidential Interview set, featuring specially made gold lego to recreate the interior of Trump tower, and a selection of Trump family mini-figures all looking glum as they are interviewed by a lego television presenter.

“I’ll be honest, I think the Grab Them By The Pussy set is in poor taste though,” continued Mr Williams.

“Having a handle there, so the Trump figure can just grab and hang on to the lady mini-figure? It’s not for me.”

It is also understood that the company will introduce a new Brexit range in the new year; essentially it will just be the normal selection of Lego sets but they will all just cost 30% more.