Wednesday 23 November 2016

2016 begins to redeem itself as shares in lettings agents plummet

Letting agent share prices falling

2016 is making a final bid for redemption after news that Foxton’s share price plummetted 13% in an hour upon news the government will clamp down on rip-off letting fees.

With the Chancellor planning to use his autumn statement to move fees from tenants to landlords, encouraging competition, letting agents have seen a major cash cow removed from their forecasts.

Renter Sharon Williams told us, “2016 makes me sad on so many levels, but whenever I feel down I picture a crying letting agent staring at his plummeting stock portfolio and it immediately brightens my mood.

“I’m not saying they’re the scum of the earth, but there is literally no-one I hate more than these leeches who milk the desperate for profit.

“There are people working for ISIS who lie about being a letting agent in their previous lives, just so that people don’t look down their nose at them.”

Letting agent Jeremy Walden-Smythe told us, “Hang on, if I can’t make money out of exploiting poor people what am I supposed to do? This is more than a job for me, this is a lifestyle.

“Maybe I’ll quit and work somewhere else – the world is my oyster, I could even live the dream and get a job charging people to get into the local food bank.”

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