Tuesday 22 November 2016

Nazis sick and tired of being tarnished with same brush as ‘Alt-Right’

Nazi's unhappy with the Alt-right tag

Nazis have hit out at press coverage which has led to many of their members being labelled as ‘Alt-right’.

Nazi, Simon Williams, told us, “We have worked for many years to cultivate a certain image, so please stop tarnishing us with this name ‘Alt-Right’.

“The Alt-right has significant negative connotations for us Nazis, not about the white supremacy thing, obviously, but you know, about being lonely boys, virgins, angry about the Ghostbuster remake – that sort of thing. We are not that. At all.

“I am a Nazi and I’ve done with it loads of women, yes I have, and anyone who says different is lying.”

Self-confessed Alt-Right member Tristan Matthews told us, “I’m not a Nazi, I just think white people are persecuted, women shouldn’t get paid the same as men, foreigners are evil and that I should be allowed to go around saying horrific things to anyone I like online – well, when my parents let me use the iPad, anyway.

“If that makes me a Nazi, then so be it.”

However, Williams added, “No it bloody doesn’t, stop making us look like twats!”

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