Monday 21 November 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda announces new musical about Trump University

Lin Manuel Miranda new musical about Trump University

The creator of the musical Hamilton is close to completing his new show based upon Trump University.

The musical will focus on the back story of Trump University and will include the tale of the creation of a fraudulent organisation, the plot to mis-sell so-called educational courses, the mass exploitation of its customers for financial gain, and a final act which focusses on the out of court settlement forced on Donald Trump.

Miranda explained, “I like to tell stories that people don’t really know much about, and I was worried that Donald Trump angrily tweeting at a musical over the weekend might distract people from hearing about him paying $25m to the people who sued him for fraud in the Trump University case.

“So I put together a few tracks to ensure the story will last the ages.

“The songs are almost complete, including a surprisingly upbeat R&B number called Orange bastard lied to me’, and the more soulful ballads Ain’t no way to hide this shit and Lawyers say I gotta settle now or have my shit dragged through the streets for months before ultimately being found guilty of fraud.

Miranda explained that rehearsals will begin next week, and tickets will be available before Christmas.

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