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Kanye West interrupts on-stage rant to do some rapping

Kanye interrupts rant to do some rapping

Fans of Kanye West were disappointed when the megastar interrupted a two hour, full-concert rant to do a few minutes of rapping.

Kanye fans in Sacramento went to the concert on Saturday night expecting to hear several hours of the intermittently coherent self-aggrandising ramblings of a man holding only a passing acquaintance with reality, only to be disappointed when at several points during the evening, he broke off to do some rapping.

“It ain’t right, treating your fans like that, that ain’t respectful,” said Kanye fan Simon Williams.

“I got my girl here, we paid our money, we just want to see Kanye go on for two or three hours about how utopia can be created if the radio played more Frank Ocean.

“Instead, he’s barely got started into what sounded like an awesome Kanye tirade about Taylor Swift, Obama and aliens before he launched into some ‘rap’ with all the attendant innovative music and insightful lyrics.

“We don’t come to a Kanye concert to hear that shit.”

Fans were also left disappointed after the cancellation of a scheduled Kanye concert in Los Angeles where he was expected to perform an all new rant about the ending of Lost, Mitt Romney’s stupid face, and why you can’t buy that hair gel he likes any more.

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