Ed Balls targeting Strictly opponents with extreme violence

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Ed Balls is using gangs of armed thugs to intimidate those who would come between him and the Strictly crown.

The news comes after fellow contestant Gorka Marquez was beaten up in Blackpool by card-carrying New Labour thugs.

Balls has been accused of using a win-at-all-costs mentality that might have helped him to a more successful career in politics.

Marquez’s kicking comes just weeks after Will Young sensationally quit the show after being cornered in an alleyway by a tooled-up Alistair Campbell.

Meanwhile, the former Shadow Chancellor was filmed making a cut-throat gesture to dancers Ore and Joanne as they wowed judges with a series of dazzling spins in their Viennese Waltz.

Several members of the show now have full police protection after dancers Danny & Oti received a mysterious late-night phone call from a man who sounded as though he was out of breath.

Last night, Balls congratulated contestants Judge Rinder and Oskana on their near-perfect Salsa routine, which achieved a ‘ten from Len’.

He added, “However, it’s difficult to dance The Charleston with your leg in plaster.”