BBC under fire after jungle episode of Planet Earth II fails to mention Um Bongo

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The BBC is facing criticism today after making an entire hour of television about the jungle and not mentioning Um Bongo once.

The manufacture of Um Bongo, which is the preferred drink in the Congo, is a miracle of nature as its creation requires interspecies cooperation between a Hippo, a Marmoset, a Python and an artistic Parrot – a process viewers had been eagerly anticipating seeing for the first time since the 1980s.

The Corporation has defended the programme, saying that a camera crew spent almost eight months way down deep in the middle of the Congo but failed to locate a single Hippo doing a dainty tango.

Planet Earth Diaries showed how the crew set up a hide outside an apricot, guava and mango plantation and endured attacks by biting insects, tropical illness and lack of sleep in an attempt to get a shot of interspecies cooperation.

However, even leaving some paint and an easel beneath a tree containing a colony of parrots failed to get the desired result.

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“Everyone thinks it’s all sun and fun and goodness in the jungle, but it’s actually very hard work in challenging conditions,” said BBC spokesman Simon Williams.

“Producers deserve praise for just managing to get a passion fruit and a mandarin up a thousand miles of turbulent, dangerous river, even if they didn’t find a talking Rhino to name them at the top.”

Licence fee payers have confirmed that hearing David Attenborough saying in his trademark breathy tones “Um Bongo, Um Bongo; they drink it in the Congo” would make every single penny worthwhile.

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