I’m great at settling fraud lawsuits, so good, the best, claims Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has insisted he is ‘the best’ at settling lawsuits which are brought by thousands of people claiming you defrauded them.

Trump has agreed to pay $25m to people who were conned into attending Trump University, to avoid the case going to a potentially embarrassing court case – before insisting this is another great win for Donald Trump.

“I’ve settled hundreds of lawsuits, I’m very good at it,”explained the President-elect.

“I know settlements, I make the best settlements, no-one knows settlements like Donald Trump,

“People are saying this might be the best settlement of all-time, some people are saying that.

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“This is a great settlement, so great. I don’t make bad settlements, and in this country too many settlements are bad. My settlements will be great, just great.

“You’re going to be so tired of all the great settlements I make, you’ll be telling me ‘please stop winning all these settlements Donald’. It’s going to be so great.”

American voter Chuck Williams told us, “We’ve just elected a president who won’t release his tax returns and has now effectively admitted to defrauding American people – what can possibly go wrong?”