Saturday 19 November 2016

I’m great at settling fraud lawsuits, so good, the best, claims Donald Trump

Donald Trump fraud lawsuit Trump University

Donald Trump has insisted he is ‘the best’ at settling lawsuits which are brought by thousands of people claiming you defrauded them.

Trump has agreed to pay $25m to people who were conned into attending Trump University, to avoid the case going to a potentially embarrassing court case – before insisting this is another great win for Donald Trump.

“I’ve settled hundreds of lawsuits, I’m very good at it,”explained the President-elect.

“I know settlements, I make the best settlements, no-one knows settlements like Donald Trump,

“People are saying this might be the best settlement of all-time, some people are saying that.

“This is a great settlement, so great. I don’t make bad settlements, and in this country too many settlements are bad. My settlements will be great, just great.

“You’re going to be so tired of all the great settlements I make, you’ll be telling me ‘please stop winning all these settlements Donald’. It’s going to be so great.”

American voter Chuck Williams told us, “We’ve just elected a president who won’t release his tax returns and has now effectively admitted to defrauding American people – what can possibly go wrong?”

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