Riots after man takes low offer on The Chase

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There have been reports of violent outbreaks after a contestant on ITV quiz show The Chase opted to take the low offer in his bid to make the final.

Simon Williams decided to go for -£1000 after scoring £6000 in the quick fire round and being offered £30,000 to take a step closer to the chaser.

Twitter users began expressing discontent shortly afterwards, with one labelling Mr Williams “the quiz show equivalent of a Nazi war criminal”.

Police were called to disturbances throughout the UK as viewers expressed their fury by breaking other people’s stuff.

“The other contestant who made the final put thirty thousand in the prize fund,” shouted 52-year-old rioter Miriam Burton from Cheltenham.

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“Then that bastard comes along, wipes a thousand off, and he could still get half of the twenty-nine thousand that’s left!

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s worse than ISIS!”

During the unrest, Mr Williams made the final and played a major part in securing the £29,000 prize money for himself and the other remaining contestant.

That’s how the game works.

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