Friday 18 November 2016

Jimmy Savile’s former employer hosting Children in Need again

A TV channel with some fairly appalling history regarding child abuse is asking for you to help children out again this year.

The BBC, who at various times employed Jimmy Saville, Dave Lee Travis, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris, will be screening a night of light-hearted entertainment while asking you to donate some money to children going through a hard time.

“Don’t consider the irony of the whole thing, just cough up,” demanded BBC executive, Simon Williams.

“There’s no need to remember Jimmy or any of that lot, just think of Terry Wogan and everything will be alright.”

Television viewer, Jay Cooper, said, “I guess it’s their way of making up for things really.

“I mean a full internal enquiry and brand new set of safeguarding policies along with full compensation for the victims would have been smashing as well, but a big yellow bear being wheeled out once a year is pretty darned cool.

“I just hope they don’t do this and then next week it turns out Roland the Rat was a nonce or something.”

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