Oxford Dictionaries reveal word of the year as “clusterf*ck”

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In the era of Donald Trump and Brexit, Oxford Dictionaries has declared “clusterfuck” to be its international word of the year after its use increased by 200,000% compared to last year.

Defined by the dictionary as “denoting circumstances in which everything has gone completely tits-up,” clusterfuck is also the collective noun for a group of government ministers.

Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year is intended to “reflect the passing year in language”, with clusterfuck following last year’s controversial choice of the “I can’t even be bothered with words” emoji.

Contenders for the title had included “alt-right”, shortened from the fuller form “white supremacists” and defined as a ”media term that normalises extreme racism”.

Also in the running were terms including coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, and Brexiteer, the clowns of fear.

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“2016 has been eventful,” explained lexicographer Simon Williams.

“A number of hugely influential and much-loved celebrities have died, and yet Rupert Murdoch celebrated his 85th birthday and married a former supermodel.

“We voted for Brexit following a campaign in which objective facts were considered utterly worthless.

“Donald Trump is the US president-elect.

“It’s been a total clusterfuck!”