Grandparents visit concludes with only minor incident of casual racism

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A visit from the Grandparents contained hardly any casual racism, it has emerged.

The visit saw Mr and Mrs Harbinger of Chelmsford visit their Granddaughter Lizzie.

“They arrived at about seven in the morning,” said Lizzie.

“And other than expressing disappointment that the Doctor in charge of the new Proctology department ‘had a heavy tan,’ there was no casual racism.”

It is understood that Mr and Mrs Harbinger left at around 10am as it was ‘nearly time for lunch’.

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The visit is one of the most casual racism-free visits from Grandparents on record.

“I’m still pretty shocked,” said Lizzie.

“Normally, I’ll get a five-minute diatribe on Granddad having to cross the road because there was an Indian lady and ‘you never know what they’re going to do,’ or some heavy tutting if I leave my Nelson Mandela biography out.

“One time, I left the radio on and a Bob Marley song came on and they both just stood up and left without a word.”

A theory is developing that the Grandparents are, in some small form, adapting to a modern, multicultural way of life and becoming understanding of and accepting of other races.

“No, I can’t imagine so,” said Lizzie.

“They’re members of UKIP.”

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