Donald Trump denies transition is in disarray after accidentally firing himself

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President Elect Donald Trump was forced to deny reports of disarray within his transition team after accidentally firing and reinstating himself in the early hours of this morning.

Mr Trump appeared to fire himself at around 2am after issuing one of his daily tweets on who has been hired and fired from his transition team.

The tweet read, “In: Kushner, Claus, Ray-Cyrus. Out: Christie, Voldemort, Trump”

However, he immediately corrected his mistake.

“Sorry folks, that final name should have read Mouse, it just wasn’t working out with Mick. I’m still President Elect, still the best President Elect.”

However, a campaign insider revealed that it wasn’t a simple typing error and for several minutes Mike Pence became the President Elect.

“Trump’s been having some real problems with his stepson, Hamlet,” revealed the insider.

“Ham dropped by Trump Tower after working on his play and gave the Donald a bunch of termination documents to sign, and he just signed them without checking, in amongst them was one with Trump’s name on.

“He literally fired himself! It’s nuts.”

Trump has sought to reassure supporters by announcing that his transition team for today would be headed up by Batman and be made up of members of the hugely popular 1998 New York Yankees baseball team.