Precious little snowflakes f*ck up a few more shops

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Namby-pamby, cotton-wool wrapped liberal types are continuing to smash the shit out of several American high streets.

The bleeding-heart liberals were seen walking down the American high-street in Cheeseburgerville, chanting “Not My President” and throwing petrol bombs through the windows of several high-street stores.

“Aww, look at them,” cooed conservative onlooker, Simon Williams.

“Someone did something they didn’t like and now they’re crying about it, poor little babies- ooh shit, they’ve got bats, fuck, fuck FUCK! RUN!”

Political commentator, Jay Cooper, said, “there are lots of words to describe these people but ‘snowflake’ probably isn’t one of them.”

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“I’d probably use ‘snowflake’ in a ‘name that reindeer’ contest rather than to describe a riotous mob of extremely pissed off American voters.

“I mean essentially, they can be thugs, or they can be cry-babies. You can’t have both.”

“It’s disappointing in a way. I would expect a left-wing mob to fling hummus rather than petrol bombs.

“It’s a distinct lack of creativity from the side that’s supposed to have all of the good artists, poets and musicians.”