Tuesday 15 November 2016 by Gabe Faulkner

‘Fake news is way better than real news’ insists Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has defended his company from criticism about the proliferation of ‘fake’ news stories on the social network, insisting that real news “absolutely sucks”.

“Let’s face it, in the past year, the UK flushed itself down the toilet of global politics, an orange misogynist was elected leader of the free world, and Alan Rickman died. People really don’t want to hear about that stuff,” Mr Zuckerberg wrote in a statement published on his public newsfeed.

“If everyone just accepted the news on Facebook without question, you’d be living in a world where Barack Obama has been re-elected for a third term, weed is legal everywhere, and democracy actually works.

“The top story today in Facebook news is the release of the tenth Harry Potter book. You can live in that beautiful world.

“Just let go of reality, and submit yourself unconditionally to my will.”

Tech analyst Norman Greenfield commented, “Is Facebook reporting the story about ‘fake news’ on Facebook? If so, how do we know that this ‘fake news’ story isn’t fake?

“This whole situation has to an infinitely escalating set of ‘fake news’ reports that I just can’t get my head around. I’m so tired.”

Facebook users were quick to voice their support of Mr Zuckerberg. Angela Marmot from Wolverhampton commented, “If you like this, then you’ll LOVE our app for Asian hook-ups – click here”.

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