Geert Wilders to appear on The One Show

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Following Marine Le Pen’s appearance on The Andrew Marr Show, Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders has been invited to appear as a guest on The One Show.

Wilders, who will be joined on the show by Bill Oddie and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, will be chatting with Alex Jones and Matt Baker about forced repatriation, labour camps and his collection of ornamental otters.

The BBC have responded to accusations they are “normalising” far-right movements by insisting that it’s important to hold politicians of all persuasions to account.

“Whatever you think of Geert Wilder’s politics, it is important that his opinions are scrutinised and viewers are allowed the opportunity to make up their own minds,” insisted a BBC spokesperson.

“Alex and Matt will follow a robust line of questioning aimed at giving the One Show audience an insight into Geert’s views on everything from his ideal cheeseboard to the end of Dutch civilisation and the Islamisation of Europe.

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“He’ll also be co-judging a ‘My Pet’s Got Talent’ competition alongside Anthony Worrall-Thompson and Lesley Joseph.”