Mayans admit to four-year margin of error

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A Mayan spokesperson has this morning confirmed that their calendar has been subject to a small margin of error for the last several thousand years.

The Mayan calendar was thought to conclude on 31st December 2012 leaving many to fear a global cataclysmic event had been predicted.

But a spokesperson has confirmed this morning that Mayans have been aware of their miscalculation for centuries.

They told us, “We all got together a few hundred years ago when we realised our mistake. We decided it was best not to say anything as we’d already had loads printed and they seemed to be selling quite well. The logistics would have been a nightmare”.

The Mayans claim they had known about the impending apocalypse since the end of the 17th Century but didn’t know exactly what form it would take.

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They added, “We had our eye on Nigel Farage for a number of months but it looks like we were looking in the wrong place.”