Exoplanet PSRB1257’s immigration website crashes due to heavy demand

author avatar by 8 years ago

In the wake of the US election result, exoplanet PSRB1257 has stated that its immigration website crashed multiple times due to large numbers of earthlings looking to move there.

Google confirmed that the highest-ranking internet search in the past two days has been “move to another planet”, with large numbers of humans also searching for “planet with breathable atmosphere”, “planet with gravity similar to Earth” and “planet where I don’t have to see Nigel Farage’s stupid smug face every five minutes”.

The exoplanet, 1700 light years away in a different arm of the Milky Way, is thought to be far enough away from Earth to survive the next four years.

The inhabitants of exoplanet PSRB1257 are currently looking into the cost of building a giant wall around their planet to keep humanity out.

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