Donald Trump finally calls Theresa May, asks for Estonian President’s number

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On his second day as US President-elect, Donald Trump has placed an introductory call to Theresa May, in order to find out the phone number of Estonian leader Kersti Kaljulaid.

It is traditional for new world leaders to telephone their counterparts in other countries, in order of priority.

A spokesperson for 10 Downing Street described the conversation as ‘warm and constructive’.

“They were on the phone for at least three minutes,” he said.

“Mrs May introduced herself, then looked a bit sheepish and started fumbling through her handbag for her address book.

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“‘It’s ‘Kaljulaid’,” she then said, before reading out the number. “That’s K-A-L-J-U-L-A-I-D.”

She then said something like, “I’m looking forward to continuing the special relation…” before taking the receiver from her ear and staring at it in a puzzled fashion.

Mr Trump subsequently spent half an hour on the phone to President Kaljulaid, followed by a twenty-five minute call to the leader of Belgium.

Later, he skyped Prime Minister Simplice Sarandji from the Central African Republic and took the leaders of East Timor and Papua New Guinea out for a pizza.

The spokesperson insisted that Mrs. May was pleased with the outcome of the call, describing it as ‘a continuation of the traditions of pan-Atlantic assistance and co-operation.’

‘We’re sure he’ll give us a really good trade deal after this,’ he said.

‘We’re trying to hammer out more details, but he hasn’t got back to our text message.’