New Call of Duty game to be based on first 100 days of Trump Presidency

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The next instalment of the popular Call of Duty franchise will simply be the first 100 days of the Trump presidency played out in video game form.

“Incredibly, we actually spend an awful lot of time perfecting the plots to the Call of Duty games,” revealed Call of Duty producer Jeremy ‘Shooty’ McShootface.

“So, having what could be a fairly typical Call of Duty plot of Insane-President-invades- middle-eastern-country-with-terrifying-consequences-to-humankind play out in real life could be a real boon.”

It is expected that this new Call of Duty will feature several terrorist attacks, huge retaliation, global war and a nuclear crisis that only the most skilful of players will be able to avert.

“And because we won’t have to spend any money on the script and plot, the graphics will be simply incredible.”

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Fans of the franchise were excited by the plans.

“This is going to be awesome, like, to the maximum extreme,” said Call of Duty fan and Archbishop, Simon Williams.

“I mean, boom, blasting Trump in the face with a massive shotgun is going to be the shit, yo.”

Rumours that the ‘Extreme Nuclear’ edition will allow players to take the role of President Trump as he launches the nuclear strike that brings about the end of civilisation are yet to be confirmed.

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