Man whose job it was to rig US Presidential election fired

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The man whose job it was to rig the election for Hillary Clinton has been fired without a reference this morning.

53-year-old NWO black ops operative Simon Williams spent the last six months programming voting machines to flip votes, and mailing bundles of blank voting forms to registered Democrats.

However, his failure to swing the result means he is unlikely to get the fat payoff and pension contributions he had been counting on.

Williams is also concerned that his lack of a reference to explain how he’s spent the last few years of his life might count against him in the job market, with employers as far afield as Russia, Zimbabwe and Venezuela refusing to accept his word as an expert that he’s good at controlling electoral outcomes.

Sources inside the Democrat party have highlighted this as just the first American job lost by Trump and warned there could be many more, specifically in the polling and political punditry industries.

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“It’s outrageous,” Simon told us.

“I heard there was a great role coming up as stage manager for the CIA, but they won’t even talk to me unless my resume contains what I’ve been doing for the last few years.

“Which is a bit rich coming from them, if I may make so bold. You’d think they of all people would be more understanding.

“Still, I hear Francois Hollande has an election coming up in France. Does anyone have his number? I’m sure he could use a hand.”

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