Britain hopeful that Trump presidency and falling dollar will lead to more affordable Marmite

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Post-Brexit Britain has been given hope for the future after was a revealed that a falling dollar could lead to more affordable Marmite.

With global economies still reeling from the news that Donald Trump will become the leader of the free world, the first silver linings have appeared for the people of Britain.

A spokesperson for Marmite products told us, “Many of the global commodities in our value chain are traded in dollars, so cheaper dollars means cheaper ingredients, which means cheaper marmite.”

“And I bet when you woke up and saw the news this morning you thought today was going to downhill fast, right? How wrong you were.”

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I genuinely believed Brexit was a terrible decision, one that would cripple our spending power and decimate the weekly shop of ordinary British consumers.

“I honestly thought that the only way to make things better was to cancel that terrible decision.

“It turns out all we really needed was for America to make a worse one.”