Penguins and Baby Iguana ‘will not follow Planet Earth 2 to Channel Four’

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Channel Four’s plans to build on the success of ‘Planet Earth 2’ have been dealt a blow with the announcement that penguins and baby iguanas will not be leaving the BBC for the commercial channel.

“The BBC have been good to us over the years,” said an iguana.

“We’ve built up good relationships, and are keen to explore other projects with them; perhaps a gardening show.”

In a concise statement, the penguins simply announced that they had decided not to ‘follow the fish’.

Scuttling land crabs to transfer

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The decision by the penguins and baby iguanas leaves weird scuttling land crabs as the only creature to have committed to Channel Four.

Agents for creepy leaping snakes and icky acid-squirting ants said that their clients had been approached to fill the void, but had so far reached no agreement with the channel.

A three-toed sloth declined to comment.