John Lewis Christmas advert to be set in post-apocalyptic wasteland

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The much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert will feature a post-apocalyptic wasteland alongside the slogan ‘Enjoy this Christmas, it could be your last’.

The music for the advert, a stripped-back acoustic version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Two Tribes, will be performed by Adele.

For many, the John Lewis advert begins the countdown to Christmas, but this year it will begin the countdown to, what a company spokesperson described as, “inevitable armageddon”.

“We wanted this year’s Christmas advert to reflect the general mood of the nation,” explained John Lewis head of marketing Simon Williams.

“Normally our Christmas advert will start off a bit sad before providing a heartwarming ending.

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“This year, we’ve gone for a bleak opening that works up to complete desolation.”

Amongst other supermarkets to unveil their Christmas campaigns are Tesco, who have announced a ‘Buy one bunker, get one free!’ offer, and M&S with their new ‘We’re all going to hell in à la carte’ menu range.