Donald Trump has extensive plans for almighty post-election tantrum

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It has been revealed that Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has extensive plans for a gigantic tantrum should he lose the election on Tuesday.

Leaked plans show that we will initially seek to appear on numerous morning shows and claim that actually he won the election and everyone should call him President Trump.

At around lunchtime, he will travel to Washington and spend an hour shouting obscenities at the White House.

During the afternoon he will give an extensive interview to Fox News in which he will offer up proof that Hillary Clinton is a demonic space robot from the future sent back in time to eliminate the human race and steal his precious bodily fluids.

After an early evening meal, he will return to the White House and just lie on the sidewalk outside the building sobbing, wailing, and refusing to move.

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After regaining his composure, Mr Trump will defect to Russia and give them everything he knows about America in return for an honorary title of Lord President Trump of all the world.

A Trump insider also revealed his plans should he actually win and become President.

“Get drunk,” said the insider.

“Then paint the White House gold, and beyond that, he’s literally got nothing.”

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