Department store begins Christmas 2017 promotions

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With Christmas 2016 just two short months away, one canny retailer has decided to get ahead of the competition by beginning their Christmas 2017 promotions early.

“We know that people over the next few weeks will be doing all their Christmas shopping,” said Simon Williams, CEO of Williams Wonderland, a chain of department stores in the West Country.

“So it occurred to us that maybe they’d like to get their Christmas shopping for the following year done at the same time.

“As such, we’ve got our Christmas 2016 stock intermingled with Christmas 2017 stock allowing our customers to get Christmas 2017 wrapped up 14 months early.”

Williams Wonderland customers seemed pleased with the innovation.

“It’s certainly a boon,” said Eleanor Gay.

“I normally spend two or three weekends before Christmas getting presents, paper, cards, and whatnot. If I can get all next year’s shopping done this year then I can look forward to a thoroughly relaxing Christmas in 2017.”

“We definitely think we’ve hit on something here,” continued Williams.

“If it’s as successful as I suspect it will be, we’ll phase in Christmas 2018 stock in December and Christmas 2019 on Christmas eve.

“The local Tesco won’t know what’s hit them.”