Sunday 6 November 2016 by Spacey

We must have a free press, insists press owned by billionaires pushing their own agenda

Rupert Murdoch owns newspapers

The freedom of the press must be sacrosanct, according to a press which is owned by a handful of billionaires hell bent on promoting their own agendas.

After facing criticism for their reaction to a court ruling that Brexit can’t be launched without parliament’s approval, the press insist they should be free to further the interests of the people who own them.

“It is imperative that the public know about the sexuality of people making the decisions that effect them,” insisted Simon Williams of the campaign group Tax Exiles For A Free Press.

“You can go on about facts and uncovering the truth, but if the press aren’t free to abandon their journalistic integrity then former footballers will get away with kissing their wives in public.

“Who wants to live in a country where the press aren’t free to knowingly lie on the front page and then hide apologies away on page twenty?

“This isn’t North Korea!”

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