Saturday 5 November 2016 by Spacey

Elites could turn Brexit gay!

Brexit turning people gay

Patriotic Brexiters could be forced into same-sex debauchery by foreign elites who are in cahoots with Westminster establishment smear bubbles.

According to reports, EU officials plan on making compulsory homosexuality a condition of the UK retaining access to the single market.

The news has intensified calls by freedom-loving Brits for a ‘hard Brexit’ that is based on decent British values, such as hysterical overreactions and threatening people.

“Anyone attempting to have a different opinion to mine is a traitor who should be dragged through the streets and hanged from a lamppost,” said Simon Williams from the campaign group Invoke Article 50 Or We’ll Set Fire To Your Face!

“My grandfather fought and died so that I could point it out in an attempt to strengthen my argument.

“Treasonous EU quislings want to hand over the decision making to the people we elected to make the decisions.

“Democracy is dead!”

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