Sales of pitchforks and medieval torches soaring

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Following Thursday’s historic High Court ruling to uphold British law and allow MPs to debate the terms of Brexit, sales of pitchforks and other mob paraphernalia have soared.

Simon Williams of Angry Mob Warehouse confirmed online sales had shot up nearly 200% compared the usual figures for the start of November, with their medieval torch being the best seller.

“It’s amazing, because after so many years of decline in our business, centuries of decline if I’m honest, we were thinking of winding up the business.

“Then Farage and his lot came along and gave us a real boost.”

With most businesses suffering from the plummeting pound and uncertainty caused by Brexit, Angry Mob Warehouse has been heralded as a huge Brexit success story by everyone who voted ‘Leave’ and is still determined not to believe ‘Project Fear’.

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Aaron Banks, the new CEO and majority shareholder of Angry Mob Warehouse, has today launched plans to expand their operations, starting with the opening of a new Sunderland branch in time for Christmas.