Jeremy Corbyn reacts to Tory chaos with blistering hedgehog protection appeal

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Jeremy Corbyn has taken advantage of instability within the Conservative party with a devastating appeal to help protect endangered hedgehogs.

The hammer-blow from Corbyn comes as the Government faces a crisis over Brexit and is reeling from a number of resignations by Conservative MPs over the party’s policies.

The opposition leader launched the attack today in a 5-minute video, posted to social media, in which he laments the plight of the Great British hedgehog.

“The hedgehog is one of the most endangered species in Britain; we must do everything we can to protect it,” he said.

“I can think of few greater causes to champion right now than putting a stop to the decline of this noble and iconic creature.

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“It is arguably the defining issue of today, and I call upon the whole country to unite in helping to preserve the habitat of the British hedgehog.”

Conservative Party insiders are said to be shell-shocked by the onslaught and fear that the Labour leader has seized the moment to devastating effect.

“The PM is stunned,” our source said, “she hasn’t got a comeback for this.

“Jeremy has effectively turned this whole thing on its head with one power-play.”

Publicly, Theresa May has put on a defiant front and attempted to brush off the hit in a statement to the press.

“The decline in the hedgehog population began under a Labour government and we are doing all we can, within our means, to clear up their mess,” she said.

“I have been very clear that we want the best possible deal for hedgehogs.

“Hedgehog means hedgehog!”

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