Friday 4 November 2016 by Neil Tollfree

High Court rules that triggering Article 50 would be ‘f**king mental’

High Court London

The High Court has delivered a landmark ruling on the triggering of Article 50, declaring that to do so would be ‘f**king mental.’

This means that whilst the Government could still trigger Article 50 with the approval of Parliament, it would be considered under UK law to be a ‘f**king silly thing to do.’

“It’s an absolutely fascinating decision,” said legal expert Simon Williams.

“The law courts of our country are rarely called upon to make rulings on what is or isn’t f**king mental because, in most instances, things that are f**king mental are self-evidentially f**king mental.”

The historic ruling means that triggering Article 50 joins a handful of other things that have been found to be ‘f**king mental’ under British law such as Joe Dolce beating Ultravox to number one, the third Transformers film, and Boris Johnson.

However, it is thought that the ruling would have little impact on the actual decision to trigger Article 50 and proceed with leaving the EU.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Mr Williams.

“In many cases, an idea being declared legally ‘f**king mental’ would give any Prime Minister pause for thought, but this is a woman who thinks a return to grammar schools is a good idea.

“In fact, under this Government, we may actually need a new frame of reference for what ‘f**king mental’ actually is.”

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