George Osborne charging Americans extra to deliver speeches in the hi-vis vest

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American’s looking to hire George Osborne for his special services must pay extra for him to perform in the hi-vis vest, according to one dissatisfied customer.

Osborne has been on a speaking tour of North America, earning about £100,000 for four and a bit hours work, though some customers feel short-changed.

Chuck Williams of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association told us, “Osborne was a massive disappointment, frankly.

“He just stood there in a dinner and spoke about challenges in stimulating a major economy post-recession – not a hi-visibility jacket in sight.

“It’s like asking to meet Chewbacca, and then some tall bloke turns up without the hairy suit.

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“If hire a character, I expect the character to appear in costume. If I wanted a lecture from some two-bit politician we’ve got plenty of those to choose from on this side of the pond – we wanted the fluorescent pointy man we all saw on BBC America!

“He didn’t even have the hard hat, what an absolute rip-off.”

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