Wednesday 2 November 2016 by Spacey

People wearing poppies with leaf at wrong angle could face death penalty

Poppy angle

Wearing a poppy with the leaf at an incorrect angle could soon be punishable by death if controversial new laws are approved.

The introduction of a new ‘Freedom Loving Patriots’ Law’ would make placing poppy leaves at an incorrect angle a crime against British decency.

“Wearing a poppy is not sufficient on its own,” insisted Simon Williams from Patriotic Britons for Freedom, Truth and Justice.

“To truly honour our fallen heroes, you must wear a poppy with the leaf at an angle of exactly eleven o’clock.

“Anything else is an act of treason and an insult to all the brave servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives so that I can tell people how to honour them.”

Mr Williams revealed that people wearing white poppies would also face punishment under the new law.

“Anti-war traitors want to stop soldiers being killed so we don’t have to remember them,” he fumed.

“You can’t honour someone who’s sacrificed their life if they’re not dead.

“Under the Freedom Loving Patriots’ Law, any soldier who is alive will be killed so that we can pay tribute to them.

“God save the Queen!”

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