Wednesday 2 November 2016 by Harry Palmer

British IS fighter wondering if his old job at Currys still available

British ISIS fighter wants his old job back

A British man currently fighting for Islamic State in Mosul is said to be reassessing his commitment to global jihad and wondering whether he might get his old job back at Currys in Walsall.

Naseer Khan Skyped his old boss to ask if his post had been filled after leaving his role as a sales assistant in 2015.

“Our Skype session was a bit chaotic,” says former boss Simon Williams.

“There was lots of shouting and explosions in the background. It seems that being stuck in Mosul having the living shit bombed out of him by coalition air strikes has made Naseer nostalgic for selling iPads, washing machines, and HD tellies.

“I had to tell him that we filled his post ages ago and that there weren’t currently any vacancies.

“It’s such a shame because he was a great member of my team and the customers loved him. But he was always ambitious, and I knew that one day he might want to move on.

“I always said that if he ever left, then he would always be welcomed back if he changed his mind.

“But that was when I thought he might get a job at Comet, not travel halfway around the world to help set up an Islamic caliphate.

“I told him I had to end our session because my laptop was playing up and he asked if I’d taken out the extended warranty.

“What a pro, right to the bitter end.”

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