Hammer blow for Hillary Clinton as Yahoo Toolbar found on laptop

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Hillary Clinton is facing a potentially terminal blow to her election hopes after it was revealed that the Yahoo Toolbar had been installed on her web browser.

With US news media leading on the story this morning, prominent Republicans lined up to criticise Secretary Clinton’s use of the browser extension.

“This woman’s sinister use of pernicious freeware proves once and for all that she is not fit to be president,” one said.

Opposing candidate Donald Trump repeated his call for Clinton to be jailed.

“This un-American woman is gonna be locked up,” he told supporters at an undisclosed location.

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“And I think we can all drink to that. Na Zdorovie!”

Web server

Democrats have previously been frustrated by Hillary Clinton’s inability to articulate the fact that she doesn’t really know that much about the Internet and web servers, a failing that has overshadowed her opponent’s taste for eating alive the pet kittens of Puerto Rican orphans.

An aide to Mrs Clinton claimed off-the-record that she had been duped into installing the extension while upgrading her Flash player.

“The concern is when she gets to the Oval Office,” she told us.

“When the presidential dialogue box pops up, how does she respond to ‘Click here to start a nuclear war (Recommended)’?”