Child who spent evening being rewarded for threatening behaviour ‘now has taste for it’

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A young boy from Maidenhead is keen to go out again this evening to see how much money and candy he can get simply by threatening people.

Jack Williams, 9, has told his parents that he doesn’t need to dress up, all he needs is a mask of some sort, or an old pair of tights, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Jack explained, “Last night was such fun, knocking on strangers’ doors, scaring them into giving me something so I don’t hurt them or their property – it was brilliant. I’ve never felt so alive!

“People often ask me what I want to do when I grow up, and I don’t really know, but if there is a job where you conceal your identity and then go around threatening people in return for treats, then I would like to do that job please.

“I used to think I wanted to be a lawyer, but this is waaaay more fun. Though if I’m being picky, it would be nice if every once in a while someone refused to give me a treat – just so I can practise the other stuff.”

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Jack’s father, Simon, explained that they are doing everything they can to explain that threatening people in order to be rewarded is ‘wrong’.

He went on, “Well, we were doing that, until he went out after school this afternoon and came back an hour later with ninety quid and a box of quality street.

“I now feel it’s my duty as a parent to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit. Which I’ll do by buying him a baseball bat tomorrow.”

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