Man whinging about girls dressed as Harley Quinn dresses as Joker yet again

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Some twonk moaning about women dressing as one comic-book villain has dressed as a different comic-book villain for the fifth year in a row.

Simon Williams, 29, has some kind of problem with ladies dressing as Harley Quinn, or indeed anything else that’s popular, the contrarian little twat.

“It just reeks of desperate attention-seeking,” said Williams, carefully applying the same clown make-up he wore last year.

“These women probably don’t even know who Harley Quinn actually is. They just reckon she’s a fictional comic-book character, carefully marketed for mass consumption. Whereas I know better, somehow.

“Everyone knows that women should dress as slutty cats for Halloween, not supervillains. They’re grown-ups for Christ’s sake.

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“Now, how’s my grill looking? Is it showing properly when I smile? I’m going for Leto Joker rather than Ledger Joker, obviously.”

Williams’ mother said, “I really wish he’d put as much effort into moving out of my house as he does with that fucking clown costume.”