Child dressed as ghost accused of Islamification of Halloween

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Barmy Brexit buffoons have forced a young boy to abandon his ghost costume after claiming the spooky homemade creation would offend Britons.

9-year-old Simon Williams was left in tears when loony leavers stopped him on the way to a friend’s Halloween party and told him to “Go back to Islam!”

“I tried to tell them I was from Reading, but they wouldn’t listen,” he said.

“One of them called me Jumanji John and said if I wanted to live under Shania Twain I should clear off to a Balsamic country like Hakuna Matata.”

Mrs Simone Williams, the boy’s mother, blasted the nutty nationalist numbskulls and insisted that she was fed-up with Sun-reading do-badders sticking their noses in where it isn’t welcome.

“You can’t even open a pot of hummus nowadays without someone accusing you of being a terrorist sympathiser,” she fumed.

“It’s political incorrectness gone mad!”

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