Sunday 30 October 2016 by Gary Stanton

Clocks going back means Article 50 delayed by another full hour, moan Brexiters

Brexiter unhappy with clock change

Turning the clocks back one hour is a cynical attempt by the government to keep us in the EU for longer, insist right-wing fuckwits.

Leave voters claim that by the time you even notice your clock is out by one hour; Syria will have already joined the EU.

Critics of the clock change, who number fifty-two percent of the population, insist that the thousand migrant kiddies waiting to enter Britain can now do so under cover of darkness.

Meanwhile, Brexiters have been forced to reset the timer on their Brexit Countdown Clock apps – available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Brexit voter, Simon Williams, said, “Every single hour an honest British worker loses his job to a dirty, foreign rapist who’s better qualified, multilingual and attracted to your daughter.

“Brexit means Brexit, not Brexit plus one hour.

“On the positive side, Theresa May has an extra hour to put things right.”

But Remain voter, Adrian Borland, said, “Last spring you lost an hour. Get over it.”

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