Wednesday 26 October 2016 by Neil Tollfree

We’re too busy ignoring the old, sick and poor at home to help any immigrants, insists silent majority

silent majority

A ‘quiet, normal’ British man has spoken out against UK plans to help refugees.

“Well, I think we should send them back. We should look after our own first,” said Simon Williams, a former stockbroker and sociopath from Guildford.

“Although, there is that day centre in the town, do you know that costs thousands every day to run? It seems a little unfair that I help look after that. I mean, these old people have probably got families, surely they should be the ones who pay for the day centre, not me. I don’t use it.”

Mr Williams was keen to be clear that he was sympathetic to the plight of the refugees.

“Very much so, it’s just that we should look after our own first. Obviously, apart from that day centre and that sort of thing.”

“Although, these people who say they’re sick; are they? I mean, really? I mean, I get a bit of a bad back every now and then, but I manage to struggle into work, so it does feel a bit off that we help look after the sort of people who just need to man up and try harder.

“And what about these so-called poor people; well I’d be poor if I didn’t get a job, wouldn’t I? Don’t see why I should help with looking after them.”

However, Mr Williams remained adamant that we should look after ‘our own’ before refugees.

“Definitely, except for things like that day centre, and the malingerers, and these people who say they’re poor, I’m not sure we should look after…

At this point, Mr Williams became agitated and banged the desk.

“We should look after me, that’s who me should look after; me. I want stuff. Where’s my stuff?”

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