Vodafone fined £4.6m for putting customer complaints into non-recycling bins

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Mobile phone giant Vodafone has been fined £4.6m after regulators discovered that customer complaints were being put in with regular waste and not being recycled per industry guidelines.

Ofcom said the £4.6m fine should go some way to ensuring that telecoms firms take their responsibility to ethically dispose of customer complaints more seriously in future.

Vodafone customer Simon Williams told us, “If I write a letter of complaint to my mobile phone company, I expect it to be recycled and turned into the extortionate bill they send me a few months later – not shoved into some landfill somewhere.

“This is a whole new level of contempt for us customers. I can accept them not giving a toss about me personally, I am after all just a moist bag of revenue generating annoyance – I expect that – but not caring about the environment? That’s simply unacceptable.

Vodafone accepted the fine, and said they will do better in future, before announcing that customers can also do their bit to help the environment.

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A spokesperson explained, “If you could email all of your complaints to us in future, we will ensure they go straight into our digital waste bin, which you’ll be pleased to know kills no trees whatsoever and is carbon neutral.”