But we’ve done such a spectacular job regulating ourselves, insists British press

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The UK press has criticised a new press regulator being given the Royal Charter, insisting their own self-regulation has been going absolutely swimmingly.

The first officially recognised press regulator, Impress, was given approval by the Press Recognition Panel (PRP), though members of the press don’t appear keen on being regulated by anyone who isn’t themselves.

IPSO, the unofficial press regulator, run by the press themselves, claim they are doing a bang-up job already, thank you very much.

a spokesperson for IPSO, Simon Williams said, “Barely a day goes by when either The Sun, The Daily Mail or The Daily Express doesn’t have to print a correction for publishing falsifications and fabrications – which proves that we’re doing a great job.

“These corrections are hidden away where no-one can see them – as they should be – but the fact that we keep having to print them is a sign that press self-regulation is working, obviously.

“That’s what a free press means, the freedom to print whatever we like, whenever we like, with only ourselves to answer to.”

Impress has refuted the claims, and insist they are merely trying to ensure the public has a press it can trust.

Spokesperson Jason Matthews told us, “For some reason, the ‘newspapers’ seem to think we’re going to stop them printing all the things they want to print – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“All we want to do is hold them properly accountable when they print lies and conduct illegal activity.

“No, I’ve no idea why they’re so scared of us.”