Therapists prepare to spend entire week talking about The Walking Dead

author avatar by 8 years ago

After last night’s opening episode of this season’s The Walking Dead, therapist across the nation are preparing to talk about nothing else to their clients.

With two brutal murders in the 45-minute episode, man fans of the show are suffering a range of psychological traumas that will require professional intervention.

Therapist Simon Williams told us, “Sessions tend to follow a plan; we generally talk about their week, and anything that’s bothering them or causing them trauma, sometimes we talk about older issues – but I guarantee that Negan will be at the heart of every single session this week.

“We had a spate of talking about clowns a couple of weeks ago, but nothing has prepared us for this – I’ve had patients I’ve not seen in month calling for an emergency session, seemingly in an emotional crisis because of a TV show.

“My first client this morning spent 30 minutes crying because she saw her favourite character repeatedly smashed over the head until his eye popped out.

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“Apparently, saying ‘you realise it’s all just make-believe’ isn’t helping. Still, I’m getting paid, so I hope they kill off a few more likeable people next week.”