Demonisation of the poor begins at home, insists Priti Patel

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There have been further calls to slash the foreign aid budget amid claims that there are already more than enough impoverished people in the UK for everyone to demonise.

“Hardworking taxpayers should be able to choose the targets of their vitriol,” said International Development Secretary Priti Patel.

“Why are we sending billions of foreign aid money when there are scroungers in this country who are more deserving of our contempt?”

The public have overwhelmingly backed calls for the foreign aid budget to be slashed.

“It’s criminal that we send money abroad when we could be targeting our resentment at British poor people,” said Sun reader Simon Williams.

“We spend around two hundred and seventy million a week on foreign aid, let’s focus our hate on UK scroungers instead.

“Put that on the side of a bus!”