Monday 24 October 2016 by Jack Marshall

Strictly Come Dancing fan disappointed that Ed Balls wasn’t Negan’s victim on The Walking Dead

Ed Balls on Strictly

A fan of Strictly Come Dancing today expressed his anger and disappointment that Ed Balls wasn’t viciously beaten to death by Negan in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

“I was gutted,” said Simon Williams from Romford.

“According to Wikipedia, Ed Balls was murdered by Negan in issue #56 of The Walking Dead comic. Turns out, he’s not even in the TV series. God knows why they’ve chosen to deviate from the source material.”

“It was particularly disappointing given that Ed dances like a zombie. Not one from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video mind you; one that can’t dance.”

The BBC are expected to have crisis talks this morning after Mr Balls made it through next week’s Strictly Come Dancing despite receiving a score of -23 points from the judges.

It is believed that the BBC are considering asking the High Court to remove Mr Balls from the competition and replace him with US reggae-fusion singer Shaggy.

Mr Balls’ dance partner, Katya Jones, played down his shortcomings, telling us “He’s working really hard and improving every week.”

However, given the 18 hours per day they spend together training, it’s widely believed Katya may now be suffering from a variant of Stockholm Syndrome.

When asked to comment on his continued presence on Strictly, Mr Balls cryptically tweeted ‘Ed Balls’.

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