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Grimethorpe named Most Northern-Sounding Town 2016

North of England

Grimethorpe has fought off stiff competition to be named 2016’s Most Northern-Sounding Town.

The annual award is given to the town which ‘most sounds like it was made up by a comedian on daytime Radio 4 to get a laugh in Shepherds Bush’, which made many think that Wetwang was in with a good chance this year.

Despite a last minute charge by Foulby, Barnby Dun and Scunthorpe, Grimethorpe hung on to the title it has won regularly won since  the competition began in 1907.

Many expected Shitlingthorpe to win this years’ trophy , but their entry was undermined when judges discovered it is not actually a real place.

“There’s nowhere sounds more stereotypically Northern than Grimethorpe,” said mayor and colliery band tuba player Simon Williams in his acceptance speech.

“There’s some that say Burnley sounds more like a name for a northern town some southern pansy might make up, like. And Burnley is a shithole, I’ll grant you.

“But this award cements Grimethorpe’s prestigious position as carrying the most trite expression of Northern misery in its name.

“Now piss off or I’ll set me lurcher on you.”

The awards ceremony was marred after representatives of Ramsbottom in Lancashire had to be removed when they loudly accused the competition of corruption after they failed to even place.

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